Trading anywhere and anytime is possible with our industry-leading platform – WebTrader. Our WebTrader is a part of the suite of world-class trading platforms. SNP-500 strives to provide the best trading environment to its clients at all times.

You can use the WebTrader advanced charting tools and indicators to manage your risk and better determine price change direction.

With our dynamic WebTrader, you can trade from any device by simply signing into your account on the website. No downloads, and it is fast and easy.

Just follow these basic steps to get started:

  1. Log in to your personal area using your e-mail address and password, which was sent to you after registration.
  2. Select the asset you want to trade in.
    Choose from our easy to use asset list on your screen or star your favorite assets to keep them ready for you.
  3. Determine your trading volume.
    The more you trade, the higher your potential profits. Our Webtrader will calculate your leverage and margin immediately for you on the screen.
  4. Make your trading decision.
    Using our unique tools, signals, and live analysis along with the advance charts and indicators on the platform determine if you are going to go long or short. Determine your entry points.
  5. Limit your risks.
    When trading in currency pairs and CFDs, you can choose to set the price levels at which your position will be automatically closed to protect your profit. You can also place a Stop-Loss order to limit your possible losses, as well as a Take-Profit level to lock in profits.
  6. Close your trade.
    You can close your trade at any time you wish using the WebTrader. Simply click on the ‘Close trade’ button. You can also monitor your trades continuously under the ‘Open Trade’ tab.

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