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WebTrader is the world’s leading trading platform for experienced and professional traders. You can quickly download the SNP-500 WebTrader trading platform for trading in commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.

Our WebTrader platform allows you to customize and personalize your trading experience. You can add various Expert Advisors (EA) quickly and integrate them into your trading strategies while using the most advanced charts available on a trading platform. You can even automate some of your trades. Learning to use our WebTrader platform is quick and easy, and we are always ready to assist you.

The advantages of trading in commodities, currency pairs, stocks, and indices with WebTrader are too long to list, but some of the most important include personalization and customization. The WebTrader platform supports full customization features, so traders can tailor the platform to meet their trading needs and practices.

Another feature includes multiple profiles. Users can also view account information from within the actual platform interface. Some of the details available include account balance, trading history, access details, as well as password information. You can arrange the windows and charts for each profile in a way that is easy for you to follow. Each market can also be set up as its own profile so that you can quickly switch between them.

Apart from providing a vast range of trading tools to aid your decision-making, it has a built-in programming language allowing you to create your own indicators and automated trading solutions (well over 1 000 custom-made indicators are circling in the WebTrader community forums which can be downloaded for free as well).

WebTrader allows users to trade in the Forex, CFDs (contracts for differences), and futures markets. Apart from providing you with a vast range of tools that will help you analyze the price and place and manage your trades, WebTrader also allows for developing and employing automated trading techniques. 

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